Rachael Osteen


photograph: an unending thought with personality or an enduring sense of grey?

…i stand here insane, as to love. life is love through reverence, which can not be avoided, but embraced as if nothing else will ever matter. moment to moment, we will never be fully satisfied with a petty, patient, unresisting attitude. today, love is merely an active shadow against a preeminent artificial power, lacking in grace, and somewhat abstract, while the aspects of beauty and truth remain remarkably concrete. by exploring the depths of living, we can ultimately expand the depths of truth, but without the prospect of a reawakened love, denial will be our reasoning, will consume our hearts. with a spirit of adventure and a newfound tolerance, creativity can surpass insecurity and impel one to discover self love. normality, repetition: all blind and lacking imagination. so, in reality, I stand here insane, as to deeply live…