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Ch. 07 Sentence 1
Beck Heaven is eternal, and the earth is very old.
Blackney The sky is everlasting And the earth is very old.
Bynner The universe is deathless,
Byrn The Tao of Heaven is eternal, and the earth is long enduring. Why are they long enduring?
Chan Heaven is eternal and Earth everlasting.
Cleary Heaven n eternal, earth is everlasting.
Crowley Heaven and Earth are mighty in continuance,
Hansen Heaven is old and Earth is enduring.
LaFargue Heaven is lasting, Earth endures.
Legge Heaven is long-enduring and earth continues long.
Lindauer Heavens, growth, earth, longevity.
LinYutan The universe is everlasting.
Mabry Heaven is eternal, and Earth is long-lasting.
McDonald Heaven is always, the earth, too. How can it be?
Merel Nature is complete
Mitchell The Tao is infinite, eternal.
Muller Heaven and Earth last forever.
Red Pine Heaven is eternal and Earth is immortal
Ta-Kao Heaven is lasting and earth enduring.
Walker Heaven is eternal, earth everlasting.
Wieger If heaven and earth last forever,
World Heaven and earth will pass away but Infinity endures forever.
Wu Heaven lasts long and Earth abides.

Ch. 07 Sentence 2
Beck They can be eternal and long lasting, because they do not exist for themselves, and for this reason can long endure.
Blackney Why so? Because the world Exists not for itself; It can and will live on.
Bynner Is deathless because, having no finite self, It stays infinite.
Byrn They do not live for themselves; thus they are present for all beings.
Chan They can be eternal and everlasting because they do not exist for themselves, And for this reason can exist forever.
Cleary The reason they can be eternal and everlasting is that they do not foster themselves, that is why they can live forever.
Crowley because their work is delivered from the lust of result.
Hansen What do Heaven and Earth rely on in order to be old and enduring? They rely on avoiding self creation. Hence they can be old and enduring.
LaFargue What enables Heaven and Earth to last and endure? Because they do not live for themselves - so it is that they can live so long.
Legge The reason why heaven and earth are able to endure and continue thus long is because they do not live of, or for, themselves. This is how they are able to continue and endure.
Lindauer In heavens and earth's place That which is able to grow and further be long-lasting happens And something lacking existence of a self happens So it is able to grow and give birth.
LinYutan The reason the universe is everlasting Is that it does not live for Self. Therefore it can long endure.
Mabry Why are they so enduring? Because they do not live for themselves.
McDonald Well, they don't live only for themselves; that's why they live long.
Merel because it does not serve itself.
Mitchell Why is it eternal? It was never born; thus it can never die. Why is it infinite? It has no desires for itself; thus it is present for all beings.
Muller The reason that Heaven and Earth are able to last forever Is because they do not give birth to themselves. Therefore, they are always alive.
Red Pine the reason they're eternal and immortal is because they don't live for themselves hence they can live forever
Ta-Kao The reason why they are lasting and enduring is that they do not live for themselves; Therefore they live long.
Walker They endure this way because they do not live for themselves.
Wieger it is because they do not live for themselves.
World It had no beginning and so It can never end. It is the inexhaustible essence of all things.
Wu What is the secret of their durability? Is it not because they do not live for themselves That they can live so long?

Ch. 07 Sentence 3
Beck Therefore the wise put themselves last, but find themselves foremost.
Blackney The Wise Man chooses to be last And so becomes the first of all;
Bynner A sound man by not advancing himself Stays the further ahead of himself,
Byrn The Master puts herself last; And finds herself in the place of authority.
Chan Therefore the sage places himself in the background but finds himself in the foreground.
Cleary For this reason sages put themselves last, and they were first;
Crowley Thus also the sage, seeking not any goal, attains all things;
Hansen Using this: Sages 'later' themselves and yet they comes first.
LaFargue And so, the Wise Person: Puts himself last, and so finds himself in front.
Legge therefore the sage puts his own person last, and yet it is found in the foremost place;
Lindauer Appropriately it happens that sages Put their bodies behind yet their bodies are ahead
LinYutan Therefore the Sage puts himself last, And finds himself in the foremost place;
Mabry Therefore the Sage puts himself last And finds himself in the foremost place.
McDonald So the wise man puts himself last, and finds himself in the foremost place, puts himself in the background; yet always comes to the fore.
Merel The sage places himself after and finds himself before,
Mitchell The Master stays behind; that is why she is ahead.
Muller Hence, the sage puts herself last and is first.
Red Pine thus the sage pulls himself back but ends up in front
Ta-Kao In the same way the Sage keeps himself behind and he is in the front;
Walker In the same way, the wise person puts himself last, and thereby finds himself first;
Wieger Following this example, the Sage, in withdrawing, advances;
World Because the sage remains behind in her oneness with all things, she anticipates all manifestations.
Wu Therefore, the Sage wants to remain behind, But finds himself at the head of others;

Ch. 07 Sentence 4
Beck They are indifferent to themselves, and yet they always remain.
Blackney Denying self, he too is saved.
Bynner By not confining himself to himself Sustains himself outside himself:
Byrn She detaches herself from all things; Therefore she is united with all things.
Chan He puts himself away, and yet he always remains.
Cleary they excluded themselves, and they survived.
Crowley he does not interfere in the affairs of his body, and so that body acts without friction.
Hansen They 'outside' themselves and yet they abide.
LaFargue puts himself in the out group, and so maintains his place.
Legge he treats his person as if it were foreign to him, and yet that person is preserved.
Lindauer Put their bodies outside yet their bodies are kept in.
LinYutan Regards his body as accidental, And his body is thereby preserved.
Mabry He does not promote himself, thus he is preserved.
McDonald He keeps well fit; looks on his body almost as accidental, outer, something to be well taken care of; still it always there, and always remains. He remains in the open by it, too.
Merel Ignores his desire and finds himself content.
Mitchell She is detached from all things; that is why she is one with them.
Muller She is outside herself and therefore her self lasts.
Red Pine he lets himself go but ends up safe
Ta-Kao He forgets himself and he is preserved.
Walker Holds himself outside, and thereby remains at the center;
Wieger in neglecting himself, he conserves himself.
World Being at one with Infinity, she is indifferent.
Wu Reckons himself out, But finds himself safe and secure.

Ch. 07 Sentence 5
Beck Is it not because they do not live for themselves that they find themselves fulfilled?
Blackney For does he not fulfilment find In being an unselfish man?
Bynner By never being an end in himself He endlessly becomes himself.
Byrn She gives no thought to self. She is perfectly fulfilled.
Chan Is it not because he has no personal interests? This is the reason why his personal interests are fulfilled.
Cleary Was it not by their very selflessness that they managed to fulfill themselves?
Crowley It is because he meddles not with personal aims that these come to pass with simplicity.
Hansen Is this not a case of their lacking selfishness? So they are able to achieve their selfishness.
LaFargue The personal does not exist for him - isn't this how he can perfect what for him is most personal?
Legge Is it not because he has no personal and private ends, that therefore such ends are realized?
Lindauer Does it not happen they are absent of anomalous self-interest? So they are able to perfect self-interest.
LinYutan Is it not because he does not live for Self That his Self is realized?
Mabry Because he has no thought of "self," He is perfectly fulfilled.
McDonald He hardly strives for great personal ends; his main ends seem fulfilled.
Merel He is complete because he does not serve himself.
Mitchell Because she has let go of herself, she is perfectly fulfilled.
Muller Is it not through her selflessness That she is able to perfect herself?
Red Pine selflessness must be the reason whatever he seeks he finds
Ta-Kao Is it not because he is not self-interested That his self-interest is established?
Walker Abandons himself, and is thereby fulfilled.
Wieger As he does not seek his own advantage, everything turns to his advantage.
World Because she does not distinguish herself from other beings, she is completely fulfille
Wu Is it not because he is selfless That his self is realized?